Cleaning safety signs

Cleaning safety signs  -

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When you have just mopped, the floor may be wet and slippery. This can create an unsafe situation for people who have to cross it.


It is therefore important for an organization to indicate that cleaning has just taken place in that area. By using markings, such as cleaning signs, you ensure that your people who have to pass by are warned.

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The different types

At Kruizinga we sell a small range of cleaning markers. These can vary from a fold-out warning sign that you can place in the middle of the path to a warning pole for cordoning off or reporting a certain situation.

Warning signs

A warning sign can be printed on both sides or on one side with a sign. The yellow color ensures that the sign stands out in the interior, so that people are immediately warned. The character/icon on the board is a figure that slips. In addition, the text caution is on the board. This is an English term for 'be careful'/'warning'. We also have warning signs that are foldable. The product is light and therefore also easy to store.

Warning posts

At Kruizinga we also have yellow warning posts in our range. These poles are used in the same way as warning signs. The advantage is that they do not have to be unfolded, but can be put down immediately. The disadvantage may be that it is less noticeable due to its shape. In addition, we also have a warning pole in our range that can serve as a mobile barricade. A ribbon can also be attached to this, with which you can temporarily shield an area.

In which environments do cleaning marks occur

As mentioned before, hygiene plays an important role in every sector and environment. Think of a janitor who cleans at schools. They can indicate to their students that cleaning has been done by using cleaning markers. In the hospital it is important to point out to visitors and employees that cleaning has taken place somewhere.


For example, if someone is walking on crutches, it is not a good idea if this is not indicated. In offices in large organizations, it is important for both visitors and employees to be informed when cleaning has taken place. This way they can walk around it and the flood actually remains clean.