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Wilt you want to make your warehouse safer, but you don't know how? Marking ribbons and floor markings are ideal for this. They are important for marking walkways and hazardous areas in the warehouse. This makes buildings and warehouses much safer for staff and visitors. Most of our warning markings and reflective tapes are self-adhesive. Road markings, such as thermoplastic road markings, should also be included in this category. Our products provide clarity in warehouses, which can help prevent accidents.


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Which types of floor marking and tape does Kruizinga have?

Kruizinga has various types of floor marking and tape In the assortment. We'll tell you more about this below.


Identification labels

Identification labels are labels that you can stick on the ground. This allows, for example, staff in the warehouse to know where to pick orders. All numbers and the entire alphabet are for sale at Kruizinga. For example, you can place waste containers at location A1. When this product is ordered, employees know to be at location A1.


You can also purchase self-adhesive document holders directly. These are a kind of larger stickers and are available from Kruizinga in DL or A4 format.



At Kruizinga we have a wide range of tape. This tape can also be placed on the floor, which is why it is also called floor tape. At Kruizinga we sell yellow/black floor tape. This floor marking tape indicates a warning. For example, it can mean that people have to keep their distance from each other. This may also be referred to as ‘keep distance tape’.


In addition to selling yellow/black floor tape, we also sell tape in colors such as red/white, green/white, blue, red, green. In addition to floor tape in these various colours, Kruizinga also has a range of wall tape. In other words: you stick this tape on the walls to indicate certain things and create order.


We also sell anti-slip tape. These are self-adhesive tiles that ensure that people do not slip. These are often used in garages or on stairs, for example.


Floor marking

Kruizinga sells floor marking in all shapes and sizes. Consider, for example, stickers on the floor with signs such as stop, emergency exit direction arrow, hearing protection mandatory or eye protection mandatory. These characters indicate exactly what the sticker contains.


Marker paint

Marking paint is a product with which you can make your own floor markings. Marking paint is available in a variety of colours. From red to black and from green to purple. At Kruizinga we have spray cans of 500 ml, but also of 750 ml. In addition, marking paint is also sold in buckets.


Buy various accessories

There are different accessories that belong to products for floor marking and marking tape. Consider, for example, cleaning products that can remove residues from stickers or remove graffiti. Other accessories that you can think of are: tape roller, mounting glue or primer.


You can use a marking trolley to apply marking paint to the ground. This marking trolley guides you through the correct application of lines on the floor. In this way, straight lines are drawn of, for example, 50 -75 mm thickness or from 100 mm to 130 mm thickness. There is also a marking trolley that you can use when applying floor tape.


Want to buy floor marking? Kruizinga can help you!

Do you want to buy floor marking or tape, but you don't know which type suits you best? No problem. Contact our specialists easily. They will help you further. In addition, at Kruizinga you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


Can I buy second-hand marking materials?

Our used range is constantly changing. For example, one day there may be used markings in the assortment and the next day nothing. Would you like to know more about our used range? Check out our used page.

Do marking stickers fade after a while?

Marking stickers fade after a while when used often a machine or pallet truck is driven over it. This is normal.