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Safe accessories -

Prevent theft and burglary with security accessories

Kruizinga has a wide range of security accessories that prevent theft. For example, our products ensure that your warehouse, containers, trucks and production equipment are well protected against theft. There are several options when it comes to security. For example, with our container lock you ensure that no one gets into the trailer and with a wheel clamp for trucks you secure your truck in the best possible way.

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The different types

At Kruizinga, we sell different types of security accessories. These include: wheel clamps, container locks, drawbar locks, padlocks and more. Below we briefly explain some of the types.


Wheel chock for trucks with warning sign

A wheel chock prevents the truck from rolling away during loading and unloading. These wheel chocks are suitable when you have your truck at a loading dock. In addition, the warning sign ensures that the wheel chock remains highly visible.


Kingpin locks for trailers

Kingpin locks are very useful for securing trailers, semi-trailers or boats. A kingpin is part of the coupling between a trailer and a truck. When this has a lock on it, it can no longer be attached to a truck. And so you are assured that the trailer cannot be taken away.


Container lock

Containers are often left in empty unmanned lots. In the evening or weekends, they are therefore also very attractive to be broken open. A container lock secures your container against this. These locks are quite easy to install.


Tow bar lock

Vans are often of interest to thieves. With a towbar lock, the doors cannot be opened because they are barricaded. Simply place the lock on the ball of the tow bar and lock with the included discus lock.


Wheel clamp

Trailers and trailers are often not equipped with an alarm system, which makes stealing them very lucrative because the threshold is very low. Choose a compact wheel clamp when you want to secure a trailer or vehicle against theft. Simply place the compact wheel clamp on the rim of the vehicle without tools.

Drawbar locks

Drawbar locks are locks that are used as a security measure against theft. They are attached to the drawbar of a trailer or caravan hitched behind a car or vehicle. Drawbar locks consist of a lever and bullet hole.


At Kruizinga, we have several padlocks in our assortment. We have padlocks with combination locks but also padlocks with just a key. Padlocks are removable locks. They consist of a small metal shackle with a housing.

Discus lock & Cable lock

We also have several discus locks or cable locks in Kruizinga's assortment. Cable locks are often used to secure bicycles. Discus locks are padlocks that look like a disc-shaped padlock. Disc locks are used on cabinets, barn doors, gates or vehicles when you want to protect them from theft.

Last but not least, we also have other security accessories for sale at Kruizinga. These include: anti-slip mat, lashing strap corner protector, steel cables, warning lights, quick release straps, trailer net, vehicle markings, key boxes, safety boxes etc.


Buying safety accessories? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy safety accessories but are not quite sure which one suits you best? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choice. Simply contact them for this. By buying safety accessories at Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used safety accessories at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy used safety accessories. You can find these when you filter by item classification on the left side of the site by "used". We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about them on our used page.

Besides safety accessories, does Kruizinga also have other products for safety?

At Kruizinga you can buy besides safety accessories also other products which make working safe. Take a look in the following groups: safety and marking, lifting accessories, safety box etc.