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Shelving protection -

Prevent accidents with rack protection

Prevent rack damage or products using our shelf protections. Shelving protectors are products that protect scaffolding against impacts from, for example, forklifts or other machines. In this way, racks will last as long as possible. The shelf protections are available with a single/double rail in L-shape or U-shape.


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How does shelving protection work?

Storage protection is used to prevent damage to your rack when someone hits your rack with a forklift truck. These protectors are placed at the ends of a warehouse rack. In addition, they consist of plastic beams that are flexible. For example, when a forklift truck touches the scaffolding protection, the plastic bends and springs back into its original shape.


Kruizinga sells different types of scaffolding protection?

A shelf protector can look in different ways. In principle, the goal is the same in all cases, but a distinction can still be made between the different products.


Single or double guardrail

A single scaffolding guard is a guardrail with a single rail. You often place this product in front of rotating collars f the elongated sides of a rack. Because the end posts have a round shape, the corners of the racks are better protected against impact or other damage.


In addition, at Kruizinga we also sell a crash barrier with a double rail. A double rail has two rails.


Adjustable scaffolding protection/guardrail

An adjustable scaffolding protection or guardrail can can be used in the same way as a single rail or double rail guardrail. The big advantage is that this type of shelf protector is adjustable. At Kruizinga we have a guardrail of 900 - 1300 mm, a guardrail of 1700 - 2100 mm and an adjustable guardrail of 2300 - 2700.


Bump protection collision protection

Bump protection collision protection are steel uprights that can protect your racks. By placing them in front of weak edges, such as the corners of racks, you ensure that the uprights absorb the impact. By protecting the weak spots of the racks, you keep your environment safe. We have crash protection in L-shape and in U-shape.


Plastic impact protection 

Plastic impact protection for racks is impact protection made of the material plastic. The advantage of this type of product is that you can decide for yourself where to place the protective strip around the rack.


Buy rack protection? Kruizinga helps you!

By purchasing shelf protection from Kruizinga, you know that you are choosing quality goods with the right price ratio. Our sellers can give you appropriate advice for your question. It's easy to contact them. You should think carefully about purchasing scaffolding protectors, because you can ensure the safety of your environment, goods and employees with this.


Does Kruizinga also have used shelf protection?

At Kruizinga you can buy various products as second-hand. The range used changes continuously, with one day you can buy used scaffolding protection and the next day you can't. You can find this on the left under the heading article classification. Curious about our used range? Take a look at our used page.

Can I rent scaffold protection?

In addition to new and used, Kruizinga also rents out Products. Kruizinga does not currently rent out scaffolding protectors. Would you like more information about our rental range? Take a look at our rental page.