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Snow removal equipment is essential in the winter!

During the winter months, outdoor working conditions can be extreme. Snow can seriously slow down or even stop your teams. Therefore, if you live in an area where snow and ice are part of winters, you should have snow removal tools among your tools. Kruizinga offers a number of tools to help you get through the winter and make it easy for your crews to do their jobs: snow plows, forklift snow plows, salt spreaders and more. Thanks to these snow plows, winter weather conditions are no longer a problem for your business, as you can continue to perform your outdoor tasks, such as clearing a loading dock with a snow plow, or clearing snow from your warehouse aisles with a snow plow to provide access, as well as ensuring the safety of your teams with a salt spreader.

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Slippery control gritting truck gritting width of 1 to 6 metres
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The different types

Among snow plows, the snow plow is certainly the best known, but the snow plow for snow plows or forklifts and the salt spreader for snow removal are also widely used by municipalities and professionals.

The snow plow

To remove the snow from your driveways, your paddocks, the entrance to your warehouse and your buildings, we recommend the handheld snow plow and the snow plow that you can place on a forklift. These tools are very useful for moving large amounts of snow quickly and without too much effort, and especially for creating a clear passage.

The snow plow is a manual tool, easy to use, robust and very practical. If you live in a region where it snows often, everyone has a snow plow in their home, it is a classic. It is common to combine this tool with a salt spreader, which is also often operated manually. Finally, you can choose a plastic or steel snow shovel.


A salt spreader for sidewalks, driveways and roads

We also offer snow salt spreaders. This tool is very useful for removing a thin layer of snow, melting ice and preventing fresh snow from sticking to the ground. The properties of salt allow it to counteract the effects of snow and ice, melting them and preventing the ground from becoming slippery. For the safety of your teams working outside, it is essential to keep the ground smooth with a salt spreader. Spreading the road by hand is indeed not practical, which is why the salt spreader exists, so that salt is automatically spread where you pass.


Why install a snow plow on a forklift?

Installing a snow plow on a forklift that you use year-round can be very useful. First, it is expensive to rent a dedicated snow plow for several months of the year. A snow plow for only a few months is also an unprofitable investment. Thus, installing a snow plow on a truck is an economical solution. Additionally, invest in a snow plow for a forklift so that your employees do not have to clear your company's walkways by hand. The snow plow makes the work of professionals easier and saves a lot of time. With this equipment, you can quickly and efficiently clear the road, driveway or your dock of snow for your vehicles. The snow plow is easy and quick to install. The safety chains keep it in place and reduce the risk of slipping.


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