Automatic tilting

Automatic tilting -

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A tipping container, also known as a tilting container or tipping container, is ideal for sorting and transporting waste. The tipping container is available as a handy tipping container, in various sizes and shapes. Strong construction with a strong base for a stable container. Our tipping containers are easy to move with a forklift. We also sell self tippers on wheels. You can move this manually.


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Smart choices

Tipper application

A tipper makes work easier. On the construction site, work floor, production halls or storage halls, you can easily collect all your waste and transport it with a tipping container. Tipping containers are ideal for internal transport of, for example, production waste.


The ideal solution

A tipping container is a real solution for sorting and moving of waste and materials. You can sort all types of industrial waste with a tipping container. Think of: glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, residual waste and more. When you sort waste


Buy a tipper? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy a tipper but do you still have questions about the product? It's easy to contact one of our specialists. They will help you make the best choice for you and your activities. Kruizinga tipping skips are of high quality with robust construction for a long service life. Also available with CE certification.


Can I buy used tippers at Kruizinga?

It is possible to to buy used tippers at Kruizinga. For this you can easily filter on the left side of the website on “used”. You can also go to the subgroup used. Here you will find all kinds of used items that are used under the group tipping container. Would you like to know more about our used range? Then take a look at our general used page.

Can wheels be mounted under a standard tipper?

It is possible to mount wheels on the tipper. Click on the product you want and below you will see “this article can be combined with”. If there are wheels in between, you can mount wheels under your tipping container.

Does Kruizinga also have accessories for tipping containers?

In addition to tipping containers, Kruizinga also has all kinds of accessories for tipping containers. Think of stickers for recycling, document holders, lids, wheels, etc. See the page tilting container accessories for this.