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There are times when you may temporarily require extra capacity due to a planned or unexpected increase in orders or in order to cope with seasonal peaks, an event or a move. has an extensive range of logistics handling equipment that can help you meet those requirements. Quick delivery and no major investment required. So you are never tied to an investment while not even knowing whether it will turn out to be profitable or not. Whether you require roll cages, mesh stillages, dollies, pallet stacking frames, stacking racks, carriers, pallet trucks or a loading ramp. Our rental products can be deployed quickly, leaving your premises available for other purposes. When you no longer need the products, they won't have to take up valuable space.


- More than 60 years of experience
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Take a look at our current range of products available for rent or contact us for advice on a solution to meet your needs.


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Products can be rented from for a minimum period of 30 days. We tailor our terms and conditions to each individual request based on the product, period and transport. We will send you these terms and conditions in the form of a rental agreement. Our rental service is only available to business customers.


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Renting roll cages

Roll cages are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to goods distribution. They are widely used for stocking retail stores and supermarkets but also by mail order companies, warehouses, seasonal organisations and when moving. With us, you have various types of roll cage to choose from: 2-sided, 3-sided, 4-sided and anti-theft. In most cases, they can be nested together or disassembled, enabling them to be stored efficiently when they are not being used. It is also possible to expand the capacity of roll cages by adding extra shelves, lashing straps or a drawbar and coupling. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us to find out about the options available.



Renting stacking racks

Make the best possible use of available floor space and stack for maximum storage capacity. Extremely versatile and suitable for a range of applications including mobile racking for tyres, containers or pallets. The height of the stacking racks can be adjusted by using stanchions (tubes) of different lengths. These are available in the following standard sizes: 990 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm, 1370 mm, 1680 mm and 2000 mm. To determine the useful height (i.e. the loading height), deduct 170 mm from the total stanchion length (e.g. stanchion length 1680 mm - 170 mm = 1510 mm). Naturally, lengths other than the standard lengths are also available so please contact us to find out about the options on offer. The benefit of stacking racks is that when they are not being used in your warehouse, they can easily be nested together. The capacity of stacking racks can also be expanded by adding a floor panel, wheels, insertable brackets or detachable sides.



Renting mesh stillages

It is important to be able to see your stock in order to have a clear overview. Mesh stillages help you to do that. The most common type is the pool pallet cage in accordance with UIC standard 435-3 (EUR DB BOX EPAL), the main benefits of which are its strength, capacity and versatility. The flap at the front makes it easy to load and unload. Collapsible mesh stillages are also available, the main benefit of these is that they take up very little room when they are not in use. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us to find out about the options available.



Renting dollies and carriers

From dollies to industrial carriers: you can rent these from too. Extremely mobile and practical to use. Dollies are particularly suitable when you are moving and need to move desks, cabinets, furniture, boxes or exhibition displays. With an anti-slip layer in order to prevent loads from moving about unintentionally. Transport rollers or carriers are handy for transporting Euronorm boxes, meat boxes, pallets or large-volume boxes. Available in various designs.



Renting pallet stacking frames

Turn pallets into practical storage boxes, transport boxes, pallet boxes or display pallets. Pallet frames are a handy way of giving pallets a modular construction in your desired format. Available in both wood and wire mesh and in standard Euronorm formats: Euro pallet (120 x 80 cm), box pallet (120 x 100 cm) or half-size pallet (80 x 60 cm). Stacking frames guarantee a significant saving on return transport since in most cases, they can be folded up during transportation, thus saving a lot of space. It is also possible to expand stacking frames by including a cover, dividers, corner attachments or a carrier. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us to find out about the options available.


Renting a pallet truck

A hand pallet truck is an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse. If you have temporarily hired in extra staff, then it is highly likely that operating processes will grind to a halt if there are not enough pallet trucks to go round. There is a simple solution to this problem that does not involve making a major investment in purchases. Rent them from High quality and reliability for the best price.


Renting a mobile loading ramp

You can also contact to rent a mobile loading ramp. Specially designed for loading and unloading goods onto and from containers and trucks using a forklift truck. Also suitable for use if no fixed loading ramp or loading dock is available or for creating a temporary extra dock. Our loading ramps are particularly suitable for loading and unloading using a forklift or pallet truck. The loading ramp can be moved using a forklift truck and has a hydraulic height adjustment facility and maximum load capacity of 10 tons.




Our products are represented in a wide range of sectors including industry, logistics, supermarket, retail, wholesale, facilities, automotive, construction, DIY stores, horticulture, events and the food industry.