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Buy identification labels, document holders and label holders from Kruizinga.

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of document holders and label holders. These holders are available in sizes A2 to A6. Easy to use on your warehouse cart, storage shelves and other environments where information needs to be easily accessible and protected from dirt and damage. The holders are available as self-adhesive, hanging or clip-on.


Identification labels are available as self-adhesive, magnetic versions or as sliding labels for stock display, e.g. on racks. Choose erasable versions if you're looking Choose from many colors to match your labeling or environment.


For more information about our cardholders, please read below.

Smart choices

Advantages of label holders

Label holders allow quick and easy identification of racks and carts/containers. Important documents or information can be attached clearly and legibly. In addition, they can be used in all situations due to the number of different designs we have available. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.



Various versions available at Kruizinga

At Kruizinga you will find various designs of label holders in various sizes:

Label holders and document holders in various sizes
- Document holder A2
- Document holder A3
- Document holder A4
- Document holder A5 & Label holder A5
- Document holder A6 % Label holder A6


Mounting options
Magnetic label holders
Self-adhesive label holders
Label holder with clip


Label holders and document holders in various colours

To make the identification of your trucks, industrial trailers and racks even clearer, we also offer different colors:


- Blue label holders

- Yellow label holders

- Green label holders

- Red label holders

- Transparent label holders

- White label holders


Plastic label holders

At Kruizinga you will find a wide range of document holders, as listed above. But perhaps the most practical are our plastic label holders. These protect important documents and information assigned to the relevant container or transport vehicle against moisture, dirt, wind and weather.

Label holders for wire baskets

We also offer label holders for different types of shelves. For example, take a look at our label holders for wire baskets.


Which type of label holder should you choose for your business?

First of all, there is the label holder in which you can slide the label of what is stored in a banquet or drawer, for example. This is a practical tool for finding folders or classifying files. Then there are the document holders that are used to keep track of things, such as the well-known document holder with a clip used by the medical world in hospitals, or the adhesive model in which you can slide an attendance list or house rules, for example.

Buy card holder? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to purchase a card holder but are you not quite sure which one suits you and your work or product best? Please contact one of our specialists. By purchasing a label holder from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed the right price/quality ratio.


What is a label holder?

Label holders are devices used to hold tags or labels that are attached to products, packaging, boxes or other items.

Can you buy used cardholders?

The used range of Kruizinga changes daily. For example, it is possible that one day a used label holder is for sale and the next day it is not. Would you like to know more about our used range? View our used page.

Which products can I purchase together with my cardholder?

Card holders can be combined with various products. Think of the following products: wire baskets, add-on edges, racks, stacking bins, storage bins, etc.