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Buy various waste and cleaning products at Kruizinga.

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of waste and cleaning products. You can separate your waste with our waste bins or waste bins. A distinction can be made between various garbage cans. There are waste bins for indoors, an outdoor waste bin, a mini container or a waste container. Waste bins are used in both home and business environments to keep these areas clean.

In addition to waste bins, we also sell other products that help to keep your environment safe and clean. Think, for example, of sanitary products and cleaning trucks. These practical products are tools that ensure that you or your employees can come to a clean place such as warehouses, office buildings and canteens every day.

There are various options in the product range for waste and cleaning. Are you curious about what is most suitable for you? See more information below.

Which waste and cleaning products can you buy?

At Kruizinga you can buy various products to keep your environment clean. Below we give an overview of the products that you can find within this group.


Standard waste containers

A dumpster is a larger version of a dumpster. Of course, this product also has the purpose of storing or sorting rubbish. A waste container is often used in business environments such as catering, hospitals and healthcare institutions. This has to do with the fact that you can store a large amount of garbage and waste in it.

At Kruizinga we have new or used waste containers in our range. The containers are characterized by the 4 swivel wheels, making them easy to move. There are different types of waste containers at Kruizinga.nl made of materials such as HDPE, plastic or steel. The containers for waste can be found with us in 660 litres, 770 litres, 1070 liters and 1100 litres. In addition, a distinction can also be made between outdoor waste bins suitable for a DIN recording or a KAM recording.


Mini containers

A mini container is also called a clicko. Just like the other waste bins, it offers a solution for storing waste. A mini container can be found in almost all environments. It is a well-known product that every household uses for waste sorting at home. But it is also often used in business environments for sorting GFT, plastic, paper or residual waste. Do you want to sort waste clearly? Then use our waste sorting stickers.

The mini container product range is available in various content formats. We supply them in 80, 120, 140, 240 and 360 litres. The containers are supplied with 2 fixed castors as standard and you can also choose between HDPE, plastic or steel.


Inside waste bin

The most well-known waste bin is a garbage can that you encounter in the kitchen. Consider, for example, a pedal bin, which are often used in the office or simply in the living room, bathroom or bedroom at home. There is a lot of choice in which one suits you the most. At Kruizinga we have a wide range of these indoor waste bins. For example, we have small waste bins that can store 0-20 liters of waste or large rubbish bins that can hold 81-100 liters of waste.

In addition to the fact that the size of the waste bin can vary, there is also a choice in material and color. For example, we sell trash cans made of aluminum, plastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, stainless steel or steel. Colors that we sell include blue, yellow, gray, red, silver and black.


Outdoor waste bin

At Kruizinga we also sell various outdoor garbage cans. We have a large assortment, which can be used in many environments, so you as a customer have a lot of choice. You often see an outdoor waste bin in public places, outside on the street or on your business park.

It is sometimes difficult to choose from the different colors and options. There are several options in this. For example, you can order a waste bin that can be attached to a wall or mounted in the ground using a pole. You can also choose from various materials such as plastic, steel or wood. You often see plastic used in the hospitality industry and wood in public places, because of its appearance. You can also choose from many colors such as blue, yellow, grey, green and black.


Outdoor ashtray

Cigarette butts must of course also be cleaned up. You can use standing ashtrays for this. There is also the option of purchasing wall-mounted ashtrays from Kruizinga. An outdoor ashtray is useful for your home environment, as well as for a business environment. For example, employees benefit from a place around the standing ashtray to smoke a butt and to keep the company's outdoor area clean. Outdoor ashtrays are often used in combination with a smokehouse.


What other tools can help you keep your environment clean?

There are several other tools that can help you keep your environment clean. For example, we sell waste bag holders, tools for sanitary facilities, cleaning markings, but also think of cleaning trucks. Working safely, cleanly and hygienically. Kruizinga supplies various resources at the right price/quality ratio, which help you keep your business environment clean. Think of environments such as healthcare institutions, retail, hospitality and catering, cleaning companies, food industry, education, facilities and public places.


Garbage bag holder

A waste bag holder ensures that your waste bag stays in the right place. The advantage of a waste bag holder is that it takes up little space, because there is nothing around it. At Kruizinga we have different types and sizes in our range. The material of a waste bag holder can also vary from plastic to steel.


Cleaning products

At Kruizinga we also sell various aids to keep sanitary environments as clean as possible. When these environments are not kept clean, bacteria and viruses have the opportunity to spread more quickly, which can have a negative impact on the health of individuals. Tools that you can find in our range include: disinfection liquid, toilet paper dispenser and soap dispenser.

Cleaning trolleys

Someone who is involved in keeping an environment clean can be supported by using a cleaning truck, broom truck or transport truck. These different types of cleaning trolleys are for sale at Kruizinga. They are indispensable for many cleaning companies or facilities.

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Do you want to buy waste and cleaning products, but do you still need help making your choice? Then contact our specialists. By purchasing waste and cleaning products from Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.