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Various types of waste bins easy to buy at Kruizinga

Kruizinga is the supplier of plastic waste bins, waste bins and other storage solutions. Our waste bins are specially designed to be easy to use and made from high quality materials. You will encounter them in almost every environment.


Kruizinga supplies various waste bins from large to small. Wondering which waste bin suits you best? View our range or read more below.

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At Kruizinga we supply a diverse range of waste bins. By using a trash can you contribute to a tidy environment at home or within your work environment. That is why it is important to facilitate sufficient waste bins in your workplace, at home, at the office or in your warehouse. In addition, they are available in different types of materials as shown below.


Plastic waste bins

A plastic waste bin, also known as a plastic waste bin, is a frequently sold product in the Kruizinga range. You can choose from standard plastic, polyethylene (suitable for temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius) and polypropylene, which resembles polyethylene, but is much stronger. You can choose to purchase a plastic waste bin with a lid or without a closing valve. The plastic waste bins can have a round shape or any other shape. A plastic waste bin is mainly found in environments such as in-house, schools, office environments, within healthcare institutions or in the catering industry.


Steel waste bins

Metal waste bins are available Kruizinga for sale in various sizes. Whether you are looking for a waste bin for indoors or a GFT waste bin for outside in your garden, a steel waste bin is ideal for this. For example, a galvanized waste bin is a good option for outdoors and a painted waste bin for example in your warehouse. Which distinguishes itself well and is impact resistant. You will often find steel waste bins inside places such as hospitals, healthcare institutions or warehouses. The metal waste bins can also contain a flame-retardant lid. These bins are, for example, widely used in public areas such as train stations, football stadiums or airports to prevent vandalism.


Stainless steel waste bins

A stainless steel waste bin, also known as a stainless steel bin, is a widely sold product within the hospitality industry, catering companies or the kitchen at your home or office. Stainless steel waste bins look modern due to the stainless material, are easy to clean, but are also of high quality. The stainless steel bins are often provided with a special coating that is fingerprint resistant. This way your waste bin will continue to shine beautifully.


Waste bin selection aid

Kruizinga's product range of waste bins and waste bins is available in all shapes and sizes. The environment in which the trash will be placed will influence your choice. Contact our specialists and they will help you choose the right waste bin.


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By choosing a Kruizinga waste bin, you opt for durability, ease of use and quality. In addition, we offer fast delivery and excellent customer service. Choose Kruizinga and discover how our waste bins can simplify your waste management.


Can I buy used waste bins at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy second-hand waste bins. You will find this when you filter on the left side of the site under article classification on “used”. We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.