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Used warehouse equipment

Save with used products from Kruizinga

The demand for raw materials is on the increase and therefore, it is important to handle products and raw materials more economically and smartly. Reusing products such as storage equipment and transport is an example of how to deal with raw materials more smartly. This extends a product’s life cycle and ensures you make significant savings in the costs and in comparison to the price of the product as new. 

Second-hand products had a rather stale image for a long time, but in recent years they have become increasingly popular. Used materials and products are being chosen more and more often, both privately and professionally. At Kruizinga, you can find a wide range of used warehouse and storage equipment along with transport, from used warehouse equipment to rolling containers and second-hand IBC containers. At Kruizinga, you can find it all.


What are the benefits of second-hand warehouse equipment?

One of the options for contributing to a circular economy is to reuse products more frequently. You may have bought a second-hand product for yourself before, but this is becoming more frequent in a business context and within the industry. At Kruizinga, you can also buy a large portion of our range as used products. Warehouse equipment, storage equipment and transport that have been used once, but are still functionally highly suitable and usable for somebody else. Maybe for you too!

What are the advantages of used warehouse equipment and storage material? Competitively priced, quickly deliverable, ready for use and environmentally friendly. Keep reading for more information.


Used, choose consciously and save!

Recycle through reuse

Recycle through reuse

By recycling, you help save raw materials and, at the same time, save money. In a circular economy, the value of raw materials, equipment and products is paramount. This means that the products of now provide the raw materials of the future. When you choose storage and transport equipment that has already been used, you extend the lifespan of these materials and help minimize the impact on the environment. 

Functionality guaranteed

Functionality guaranteed

Kruizinga aims towards supplying all used products to you in an immediately usable condition. This means you can always count on the functionality having been thoroughly tested. To ensure that you get as positive a picture as possible of the product you wish to purchase, our photographers take our own photos of the used products every day. This allows you to assess whether the product’s condition fits with your needs, and enables us to guarantee you the price/quality ratio. 

Save with used products

Save with used products

One of the main reasons among our customers for choosing used storage equipment and transport is that you can save up to 70% compared with the price of the product as new. Our used products are always competitively priced! Did you know that we keep all our used products in stock, meaning that we can deliver them to you promptly? This not only saves you costs, it also saves on delivery time.




Would you prefer new products, or would you like to simply hire warehouse equipment? Kruizinga is the place to be.


Selection of used warehouse equipment

From roll containers and plastic stacking bins to warehouse racks and stacking racks. You can find all these, along with other used products, at Kruizinga. Our knowledge and many years of experience means we are aware of precisely where we can buy the best products for you, and we strive towards being able to offer you a constantly updated range.



Are you looking for a specific product, and would you like to know if a second-hand variant is available? If so, you can filter for used products for each product category. This allows you to easily find used mesh containers, steel stacking bins and used IBC containers. Select the used filter within the product category on the left-hand side, and this will give you all available used products in a single overview. 


Sell your surplus material to Kruizinga!

Companies are trying to save costs in an increasing number of ways. In the logistics sector, for example, this can be done by looking at the options offered by surplus storage and transport equipment. Sometimes, this equipment is used only temporarily, after which it stays on company premises, taking up unnecessary space. Kruizinga responds to this by purchasing this surplus material and offering it to the market again.


Do you have warehouse and storage equipment or transport that you no longer use? If so, you can offer these products to Kruizinga. This allows us to provide these products to other companies, giving you both space and compensation.


Alongside our wide range of used products, you can opt for hiring our wide range of warehouse and storage equipment and transport if you only require it on a temporary basis.


For over 60 years, we have had experience in the field of storage equipment and transport. With this knowledge and experience, we would be delighted to assist you. At Kruizinga, quality is paramount, and we do our very best to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Contact one of our experts and they would be delighted to assist you.