Roll cage used

Roll cage used

Buy used roll containers at Kruizinga

By choosing used, you are circular and you save costs. After all, a 2nd hand roll container is many times cheaper than a new roll container and therefore interesting for companies that also want to invest in other things. We have a diverse range of used roll containers in our range. For example, we have 2-witch, 3-witch, 4-witch, anti-theft, banstelwagen, clothing, laundry and thermo roll containers, parcel trolleys, furniture trolleys and even 2nd hand accessories.


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Which type of used roll container does Kruizinga have in its range?

At Kruizinga we have about all types of roll containers in 2nd hand variants. Such as 2, 3 and 4 witch, anti-theft, clothing, laundry and thermo roll containers, parcel trolleys, furniture trolleys and 2nd hand accessories. A bit of everything.


Are there specific industries/sectors where used roll containers are used?

There are no specific industries or sectors that choose a used variant. The 2nd hand trolleys are used in all kinds of industries, just like with the new variants. However, it is a good solution if you want to make a limited investment, then a used variant is a good solution within your company.


What are the advantages of the purchasing a used roll container?

The advantages of purchasing a used roll container are that they are always in stock and are considerably cheaper than a new variant. This makes it possible that the roll container can be delivered within approx. 2 working days.


Other product groups that also offer used

In addition to used roll containers, Kruizinga also has many other second-hand products. Consider, for example, 2nd hand stacking racks, pallets and much more.


Do you want to buy a 2nd hand roll container?

To ensure the quality of used roll containers, Kruizinga checks whether the roll containers are not broken. Is something broken? Then they will first be repaired before they come online. This way you are always guaranteed a suitable solution within your environment. We also take all the photos ourselves in our studio, so you always have an honest picture of the product. We therefore try to photograph all details as honestly as possible.


What is the delivery time of a used roll container?

The delivery time of a used roll container is approx. 2 working days. Should it happen that your order is delayed, we will contact you as soon as possible to determine a new delivery or collection date together with you.

Can I purchase large volumes?

This is only possible if there is a large stock. When used, it applies that on = gone. To find out, it is best to contact our sales team, they can help you best.

How do we guarantee the quality of the used roll container?

The quality of a 2nd hand roll container is always guaranteed because they are always checked first to see if they are broken. This way you are always guaranteed that you will not receive a broken roll container.