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Cleaning in a company can quickly become time-consuming and tiring. Fortunately, there is a way to save time and avoid unnecessary travel: the professional cleaning truck. With this tool you have all the necessary utensils at hand without having to carry them. Garbage cans, brooms, cleaning products, buckets can be placed on a professional cleaning cart. Everything you need is within reach.


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How to choose your professional cleaning cart?

Your professional cleaning cart, also called a cleaning cart, should above all meet your needs . It is important that you can put all your cleaning supplies and products on your professional cleaning cart. For example, if you need to collect different types of waste, you can make sorting easier by choosing a garbage truck with different colored bins. If you need to carry small items, such as soap or hotel bottles, to the bathroom, choose a professional cleaning cart with shelves on which you can sort what you need.


For faster and easier floor cleaning, consider a professional cleaning cart that has room for a broom and bucket. Filled with water, the bucket is very heavy to carry and you will be relieved that you can move it effortlessly. Finally, some of the Kruizinga cleaning trolleys already come with a number of ready-to-use accessories, such as plastic storage bins, garbage bags or colored containers to help you organize. With your professional cleaning trolley, your premises are always sparkling without the slightest effort and your cleaning crews have the tools at hand to deliver quality work.


How does the professional cleaning trolley improve productivity?

Do you still doubt the usefulness and benefits of a cleaning trolley? Nevertheless, there are many benefits and you can improve the productivity of your teams and especially their physical health. These are the main advantages of the professional cleaning trolley.


Waste bin trolley for faster waste removal

By choosing a waste bin trolley you ensure that you have the necessary waste bins within reach when cleaning your building. Thanks to the garbage truck, you don't have to walk back and forth through the office to throw away some garbage that's on the floor. You also save your health with this work tool, because you no longer have to carry full bins to the waste bin. The waste trolley takes you effortlessly to the bin with more filled waste bags.


A cleaning trolley for faster cleaning

With the professional cleaning cart you can also complete your cleaning jobs faster. With a cleaning trolley you can move faster and, above all, process more waste in one go and thus cover a larger area. This way you gain speed and therefore efficiency with a professional cleaning cart. Various professional cleaning trolleys are available at Kruizinga. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Cleaning trolleys protect your cleaning staff

Finally, the cleaning trolley is essential to protect the health of your staff and ensure that they are not injured during their work. Carrying full garbage cans, buckets of water and countless cleaning tools all day long is tiring and physical injuries can easily result. So equip professional cleaning carts to keep them healthy.


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At Kruizinga you will find high quality cleaning carts. Kruizinga offers the best solution through the combination of product quality and excellent service. Choose Kruizinga if you are looking for a high-quality mini container. Would you like more information about cleaning carts? Please contact one of our specialists.


Can I buy used cleaning trolleys from Kruizinga?

It is currently not possible to buy a used cleaning trolley from Kruizinga. When these are available, you will find them on the left side of the site under article classification “used”. We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.