Transport boxes - transport boxes

Transport boxes, the ideal solution for your equipment and tools.

The transport box is a metal storage box designed specifically for storing DIY, garage, construction and warehouse equipment. The metal storage box should be large enough to store hand tools, screws or other materials, but this metal tool box should also be easily transportable.

With the strong and durable metal storage box, also known as metal storage case, you can protect your equipment. Discover the high-quality metal storage boxes selected by Kruizinga to improve the daily lives of professionals.

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What are the advantages of a transport case?

Transport boxes are sturdy metal storage boxes that protect your tools from shocks. Metal storage boxes are dustproof and waterproof. They are also resistant to moisture or bad weather and are easy to clean.

Aluminum very light material, so your team will have no trouble transporting their metal tool box to their workplace. Moreover, the contents of a metal storage box or metal tool box with lock is secure.

In addition, you can find a transport box in a wide range of sizes. In fact, determine the volume you need for your metal storage box and use the filters to choose the right metal tool box for you. For these metal storage chests, we have mostly talked about DIY and construction, but you can use a metal tool box for whatever need you have if our metal tool box is what you are looking for.

Which transport box should I choose?

Kruizinga's different models of toolboxes offer many advantages.

Our boxes with integrated storage compartments are equipped with a quick and easy opening function to reduce wasted time and unnecessary handling. The handle of this metal storage box, also made of aluminum, ensures a good grip.

Professionals who need a large storage capacity can turn to a metal storage box with removable storage bins. For bulky and heavy tools, choose a metal storage box with wheels.

Finally, our metal tool chests are available in different sizes. Smaller models easily fit in a closet at home or in the car, while the larger metal tool boxes are bulkier and can carry heavy loads.

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Do you have a transport box in mind but still have questions? No problem! Kruizinga helps you make the right choice. Just contact us. By buying a transport crate at Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used crates at Kruizinga?

Because our used assortment changes constantly, it is possible that we have used crates in our range one day and not the next. Do you want to know more about products labelled used? Check out our used page.