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Optiliner platform truck, the ideal tool for moving large loads

The optiliner platform truck is a transport trolley consisting of 1 or 2 platforms on wheels to facilitate the transport of heavy loads. This multifunctional transport trolley has the right dimensions for many transports. The main purpose of this ergonomic aid is to facilitate handling in the work of the staff. It is certain that this transport trolley would be useful in many warehouses and also to facilitate and improve the daily life of the logistics employees.


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What are the characteristics of an optiliner

The optiliner transporter is a flat car with One or two shelves, depending on the model. Designed to carry heavy loads, these shelves are made of wood and the structure of the transporter is made of strong steel tubes. These make it possible to transport heavy loads. In addition, the ergonomic push handles provide ergonomics during moving.


A specific optiliner transport trolley

Just like a hand trolley, you can use the optiliner trolley move your goods without painful effort, especially for your back. The height of the handles and their inclination make this cart very easy to handle and reduce the effort of the user. The wooden panels of the car are mounted on four fixed wheels with solid rubber tires. These are swivel wheels to make it easier to move and turn the cart.


What are the advantages?

The first advantage of this platform trolley is that it is very strong and can therefore carry very heavy loads. This is a very important advantage for logistics companies or companies that sell heavy products. The optiliner transport trolley can therefore be a very effective solution for many companies. In addition, they are suitable for ergonomic working.


How do you use the optiliner transport trolley?

The optiliner transport trolley is usually used in warehouses to move heavy loads from storage areas to transporters and back. This multi-purpose transport cart can be used to move any kind of material, be it small or bulky. The transport trolley has no walls, so that the load can be moved outside the transport platform.


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Can you also rent an optiliner?

At Kruizinga you can rent various products. But you cannot (at the moment) rent an optiliner. Curious about which products you can rent from Kruizinga? Have a look at our rental page.

Can I buy used optiliners at Kruizinga?

At the moment it is not possible to buy a second-hand optiliner from Kruizinga. We do sell all kinds of other products that are available as second-hand. Take a look at our used page for this.