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Second-hand drip trays at Kruizinga

Do you want a cheaper alternative or is circularity of paramount importance to you? At Kruizinga you can buy various types of used drip trays. These are suitable for the storage of your hazardous and contaminated chemicals and should therefore be handled with care.


The range used is constantly being updated and this applies on=op. Our second-hand drip trays are available in different versions and are checked before they go online. This way you are always assured of the best quality when you buy a used drip tray.


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The advantages of a used drip tray

Buying a used drip tray offers several advantages with him. For example, do you want to be environmentally conscious? Then buying a second-hand drip tray is the perfect solution for you. Below are a number of advantages:


  • - It is cheaper
  • - Extended lifespan, so no wasted raw materials or extra waste
  • - You are working sustainably


The different models of collection tanks for chemical substances

Different models of used drip trays are available. For example, they can be made of galvanized metal or plastic. The first is chosen for the storage of non-corrosive products, such as petrol, hydrocarbons or paint. These are liquids that are potentially flammable and must therefore be stored very safely. Our used drip trays can be stored both indoors and outdoors.


One used drip tray for all your volumes

Used drip trays are suitable for the storage of different volumes of liquids. The range of used drip trays changes daily. For example, a large drip tray may be available one day and be sold out the next.


In all cases, second-hand trays must be used with great care and with due observance of the safety standards are used, especially in the case of storage of corrosive or harmful materials for people who can handle them.


Buy a used drip tray? Kruizinga will help you!

Do you have a used drip tray in mind, but do you still have questions? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choice. It's easy to contact them for this.


What is a used drip tray?

A used drip tray is a drip tray which may no longer be sold as new. This may be because the drip tray has been used before, but it may also be because, for example, scratches have occurred during transport of the new drip tray. A used drip tray does not always have to be in use.