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Retention basin steel -

Robust steel drip trays buy?

Steel drip trays are robust and durable solutions for collecting leaking liquids and other substances. They are made of strong and corrosion-resistant steel and are available in different sizes and designs. In addition, they are essential for the storage of harmful substances. Our steel drip trays are available in new, used or as custom solution .


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Advantages of steel drip trays

Steel drip trays have several advantages. These include:


  • - Resistant to extreme conditions, including high temperatures, acids and corrosive substances.
  • - Easy to clean
  • - Easy to maintain


Applications for steel drip trays

Steel drip trays are widely used in industrial and commercial applications such as chemical manufacturing, storage and transportation, and the automotive industry. They are also suitable for garages, petrol stations and refineries.


Selection aid steel drip trays

Do you have a steel drip tray in mind? When choosing the right steel drip tray, it is important to take into account the specific application and the amount and type of substances to be collected. Kruizinga offers an extensive range of steel drip trays, including models with grids.


Buy steel drip trays

At Kruizinga you can find the high quality and many advantages of steel drip trays, but also for the expertise and excellent service of an experienced service provider. Choose a steel drip tray from Kruizinga today as an efficient and reliable solution for collecting spilled material.


In which environments are samples used drip trays?

Steel drip trays are often encountered in industrial and commercial environments where it is important to collect products, material or waste in a safe and reliable manner.