4-witch roll containers at Kruizinga!

In addition to the 2-sided roll containers and 3-sided roll containers, it is also possible to buy 4-sided roll containers at Kruizinga.nl. These are new, used and available for rental. But you can also opt for a custom solution in 4-sided roll containers.


4-sided roll containers offer theé solution when you have products that need extra protection and are extra sturdy and can be recognized by the four insertion gates. It is possible to dismantle these insert gates, so that you can create the roll container as desired. Various dimensions are available for the 4-sided roll containers. For example, you can opt for the standard Euro standard or we can do something for you on a customized basis.


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In which situations are 4 witch roll containers often used?

4 witch roll containers are used widely used when transporting goods internally and externally or during freight transportation or storing goods in warehouse or workshop. The 4 fences ensure that products fall out of the roll container without danger and you use all the space when loading the roll container.


At Kruizinga you can also buy used 4 witch roll containers

Used roll containers are often already in stock at Kruizinga.nl and are often already assembled, so you don't have to wait as long for your roll container, so you save time and give a 4-witch roll container a 2nd life. In this way you contribute to the environment and circularity through reuse. We consider that an important aspect at Kruizinga.


4-sided roll containers in different versions.

There are different versions in 4- witch roll containers. For example, you can choose a wooden bottom, plastic bottom, steel bottom and they are available with different material wheels such as nylon and rubber. Why choose a roll container with nylon wheels? These have a high load capacity and are largely resistant to salt, acids and alkalis. The roll container with rubber wheels is less resistant to acids and salt.


Order a 4-sided roll container easily at Kruizinga

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of 4-sided roll containers in various designs. You can easily order these from us by clicking on the desired roll container in our assortment page and then clicking on order!
Would you like help making a choice with which type of 4-sided roll container to choose? Then contact us contact!


What is the delivery time of a 4-sided roll container?

On the website you can find the delivery time of the roll container you want. This is indicated in dots. Is the roll container in stock? Then you can expect the roll container as soon as possible. Do you receive a notification that the roll container has been shipped? Then it will be delivered in approx. 2 working days. It is also possible that the delivery time is delayed. Do you want to know the status of your order? Then you can log in to “my account” at the top of the website and track your order.

Can I purchase large volumes?

This is certainly possible, we have an extensive stock of 4-sided roll containers so that you are always in large volumes.

What is the maximum load capacity of the 4-sided roll container?

The load capacity of a 4-sided roll container can differ. This has to do with the different bottoms and wheels that are located under the roll container. The maximum load capacity of a 4-sided roll container is approximately 500 kg for most. This is stated separately for each roll container in the specifications.

Which type of 4-sided roll container should I choose?

Not sure which 4-sided roll container is most suitable is for you? Does not matter! Our specialists are ready to help you with this question.