Transport trolley

Transport trolley -

Various industrial trailers and hand trucks at Kruizinga

Industrial trailers and hand pull trucks are available in many different designs, dimensions, with 2 or 4 wheels. These trailers can be used in many applications and environments where goods must be moved flexibly and easily. Kruizinga supplies both new and used industrial trailers, even customization is possible.

There are also forklift tender systems and long material wagons with a large load capacity, very useful for moving machines, large pallets and long material. Fetra industrial trailers and hand trucks can be easily adapted to your own wishes with accessories. Quality with a 10-year guarantee!

Which industrial trailer should I use for a heavy load?

If you regularly have to move heavy loads such as drums of liquids, industrial parts, household appliances or even large boxes in a warehouse, it is best to choose a trailer that is sturdy and easy to maneuver. It is essential to know the weight of the products you are going to move in order to choose a transport trolley with sufficient load capacity, because transport trolleys are specially designed to carry a maximum weight. So make sure you choose your industrial trailer based on the goods you handle on a daily basis. There are also many special trucks for heavy loads. Do you move fragile objects? Choose an industrial trailer with walls that prevent the contents of the car from falling and breaking on the floor. In particular, make sure you use an industrial trailer with a maximum load capacity that is sufficient to transport your items.


The different types

Kruizinga has various types of industrial trailers. Think of: tire trucks, hand pull trucks, forklift tender systems, etc. Below we briefly explain what the various types can be used for.

Hand pull truck

Hand pull carts are carts which, as the name says, can be pulled by hand. You can move these carts flexibly and easily using the pull arm. For example, you can easily place boxes on the cart and move them from A to B.

Forklift tender system

A forklift tender system is a transport solution for transporting loads. It consists of an attachment or extension for the lift truck. This type of system is specifically designed to ease and simplify the transportation of loads, making it an efficient and practical solution for small to medium sized transportation needs. Forklift tender systems are available in different models and sizes depending on specific requirements and applications


Tire trolley

A tire truck is a means of transport in which you can transport your tires more. It consists of a frame that stands on wheels and can transport tires. This type of device is specially designed for the efficient and easy transportation of tires, especially in garages, workshops and storage facilities.


Buy industrial trailer? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you have an industrial trailer in mind, but do you still have questions about it? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choice. Simply contact them for this.