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Mobile trays -

Move drip tray quickly and easily? Choose mobile drip trays.

Mobile drip trays are very handy and a versatile product for collecting liquids. These drip trays can be easily moved by means of the wheels under the drip tray and push handle. This allows you to move them to a different location at any time and makes them ideal for use in various environments.


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Advantages of mobile drip trays

Mobile drip trays have several advantages. One of the main advantages is that they offer flexibility. Thanks to their mobile construction, they can be moved easily and without much effort to where they are most needed. In addition, they are made of durable materials such as steel or plastic to last a long time and resist corrosion or possible damage.


Applications for mobile drip trays

A mobile drip tray is widely used in different environments. Think of: production companies, garages, warehouses and outdoor areas. In addition, they are suitable for collecting different types of liquids, such as oil, fuel, chemicals and waste water. As a result, they can be used for many different purposes.


Selection aid mobile drip tray

Choosing a mobile drip tray can be difficult if you not sure what you want to use it for. When choosing, it is important to take special needs into account. Consider, for example: when collecting many chemical substances, it is important to choose the right container for this. In addition, it is important to take into account the size of the tank, the capacity and the presence of additional facilities such as grids or drain valves. It's easy to contact one of our specialists for more information.


Buy mobile drip trays

Do you want to buy a mobile drip tray at Kruizinga? Good plan! Kruizinga is a reliable and experienced supplier of mobile collection bins. They offer a wide selection of products that are made from high quality materials and designed to provide the highest quality and performance. In addition, Kruizinga also offers excellent customer service and support, an excellent choice for companies looking for a mobile collection bin.


Does Kruizinga rent mobile collection bins?

At the moment it is not possible to rent a mobile drip tray from Kruizinga. Would you like to know more about our rental range? Take a look at our rental page.