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Move sorted goods with Kruizinga shelf trolleys!

A shelf trolley is an indispensable product for transporting sorted goods within your warehouse, workshop or company logistics. The tier trolleys are available in different versions. You can think of a shelf trolley with side walls or a shelf trolley with several closed side walls. Because the levels are adjustable in height, they can be used for various purposes.


At Kruizinga we supply a diverse range of Fetra trolleys which comply with the EU safety standard EN 1757. -3 have been produced.

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Shelved trollyes flower cart / danish cart with 4 adjustable shelves
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An all-rounder on four wheels 

A shelf trolley is a real all-rounder on 4 wheels. You can easily use them as transport trolley or order picking trolley, but can also be used as a temporary workbench. You can use the top floor to work on, and the other floors to keep the things you need. Shelf trolleys are found in various sectors, such as:


  • - Warehouses
  • - Distribution centers
  • - Workshops
  • - Catering
  •  -Hospitals

A wide range of shelved trolleys

Shelf trolleys are available in various versions and consist of 4 wheels, usually including 2 swivel and 2 trestle. Shelf trolleys with 4 castors are also available. Because the trolley has wheels and a handy push handle, you can easily move the goods. Shelf trolleys are available in different versions, so there is always a trolley that meets your needs, such as shelf trolleys without side walls, fully enclosed shelf trolleys, shelf trolleys where the shelves are adjustable in height/slanted, shelf trolleys with stairs or shelf trolleys that are suitable for euro standard containers. Please note that the shelved trolleys that are suitable for Euro standard containers are exclusive of Euro standard containers and that you can buy these separately. Kruizinga will help you!


Would you like to buy a shelved trolley, but are you not quite sure which one to get? No problem, our specialists are always ready to help you make the right choices. You can easily contact them through our contact page. You are guaranteed a sustainable investment with the best price/quality ratio with a long service life.


What is a shelf trolley?

A shelf trolley is a trolley with 1 or more floors, making it a useful tool  in a workshop or warehouse, for example. You can use the warehouse trolley when moving goods such as grab items. It is a transport partner in a workshop or warehouse and is also regularly used as an order picking truck.

What can you use a shelf cart for?

You can use a shelf cart for various purposes. The trolleys can be used all-round and you often come across them in, for example: catering, warehouses, distribution centers, workshops, etc.

Does Kruizinga also have used shelf trolleys?

In addition to Kruizinga selling new shelf trolleys Kruizinga also has used shelf trolleys in its range. The trolleys are available in different versions and the used range changes continuously.