Stacking box plastic

Stacking box plastic -

Plastic containers in many shapes and sizes at Kruizinga!

Store or transport your materials? Plastic bins, also known as plastic crates or transport crates, are the right solution! At Kruizinga we have a wide range of stacking crates. These are new, used and available for rental. You can choose from crates with open or closed handles, all walls closed, with a lid, handles or with a viewing window. The bins vary in types such as stackable, nestable, collapsible or a combination thereof. There are special large-volume bins for storage of large volumes or bulk storage.


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What different types of plastic bins are there?

Depending on your application and environment, there are many different types of bins available. Each has their advantages. For example, a stacking box is often used in storage because of its sturdiness and a folding crate is often used for transport because they save a lot of cargo volume in return transport. You will find the following types of plastic bins with us: Storage bins, stacking bins, folding crates, hygiene bins, stack-nestable stacking bin, meat crates E1/E2/E3, large volume bins, transport bins and a nestable plastic bin.

In which environments are plastic bins commonly used?

Kruizinga offers a wide range of plastic stacking bins for every environment such as logistics, industry, catering, fish/meat processing and food industry, retail or in your warehouse for order picking. Available with closed or open handles, perforated or all walls closed, with a reinforced bottom or drainage holes or with a double lid. The crates can be perfectly combined with warehouse trolleys, roll containers, pallets, bases, hand trucks, racks, labels or lids.