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Store hazardous materials in a depot or safety cabinet

Within companies that work with hazardous substances, a depot for hazardous substances is a crucial product. It offers an organized and safe storage solution for these substances and prevents potential damage or accidents to people and the environment.


At Kruizinga we offer a wide range of depots for hazardous substances, including safety cabinets and fire-resistant cabinets. View the range of read more below.


Advantages of hazardous substances depots

Storage of hazardous substances has several advantages. This promotes occupational safety by preventing hazardous substances from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, it protects the environment from possible damage. In addition, it provides organized and efficient storage space that improves workplace productivity.



Hazardous goods depots can be various environments are used. For example:


  • - Factories
  • - Chemical laboratories
  • - Other industries ;le companies.


It is also important to choose a depot that meets the specific requirements of the environment and the substances used .


Selection aid depot for hazardous substances

When choosing a storage location for hazardous substances, it is important to take a number of things into account hold. Think of the materials used or the requirements for the working environment. Are there fire resistance requirements and does the depot comply with the applicable laws and regulations? Kruizinga can help you with this and advise you on the best solution for your situation. You can easily contact our experts.


Depot for buy hazardous materials

At Kruizinga, we are proud of our high-quality storage facilities for hazardous materials and our expert service. We offer a wide range of solutions and products that meet the highest quality and safety requirements. In addition, we are always ready to help and support you in finding the best solution for your specific situation.


Are there useful tools for depots for hazardous substances?

There are various tools that are useful when you have a depot for hazardous substances. For example, do you want to move a depot? Then choose pallet trucks. Do you want to place vats in your depot? Then choose a drum hand truck.

Does Kruizinga have any other drip trays in its range?

Besides depots Kruizinga also has other drip trays in its range for hazardous substances. For example: steel drip trays, plastic drip trays, drip tray racks, drip tray accessories, transport container etc.