Gas cylinder storage

Gas cylinder storage -

Storage space for gas cylinders: safety first!

Gas cylinders are one of the most dangerous tools to handle. To avoid accidents when storing them, it is important to choose a solid and reliable gas cylinder cabinet or gas cylinder storage unit. From the material of your indoor or outdoor gas cylinder cabinet to the transport of your gas cylinders, Kruizinga is here to help you work safely.


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How do you recognise a gas container storage cabinet?

One of the keys to storing your gas containers in a company is ventilation. If you cannot install gas cylinder storage outside, make sure your gas cylinder storage is placed in a perfectly ventilated area. Moreover, your gas cylinder locker should be fireproof to prevent the spread of flames in case of an incident. Also, remember to choose a company's gas cylinder storage unit with a lock or padlock. It is important to prevent a cylinder from falling into the wrong hands. There are cabinets of different sizes depending on the type of gas cylinders you have. As you can see, the quality and safety of your gas cylinder storage are of utmost importance.

Which gas cylinder trolley should you choose?

To make your task easier and transport your containers safely, Kruizinga recommends using a gas bottle hand truck. Your specially designed gas cylinder hand truck has wheels and a handle that allows you to move the cylinders smoothly and safely. Usually, this type of trolley has a chain to secure the cylinder to prevent it from falling. Some gas cylinder carts can even carry several gas cylinders at once. Finally, there are also gas cylinder pallets designed for this type of load. You can easily move them with a forklift.


What is a gas cylinder storage unit?

A gas cylinder storage is a separate loft where you can safely store your gas cylinders. Storing and transporting gas cylinders safely is very important for the safety of your employees, local residents, and the environment.

Can I purchase a second-hand gas cylinder store?

In addition to a new gas cylinder storage unit, you can also purchase a used gas cylinder storage unit. However, it is possible that these will be exhausted by the time you look at them, as used = exhausted. Would you like to know more about used? Then read our used page.

Are there any other useful products for a warehouse?

Kruizinga has various products in its range which can help you in a warehouse. For example: warehouse trolleys, pallet trucks, roll containers, stacking rack etc.