Mobile tilting stands

Mobile tilting stands -

Material stands: Useful for machines and assembly shops

Material stands are often used in combination with Euro containers and wire baskets. This makes them a commonly used product for parts or small materials in garages or workshops. The trolleys are very mobile and vary in use because they are adjustable in height and can be moved. They can also be tilted from 15 degrees to 30 degrees.

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What types of material stands does Kruizinga have?

At Kruizinga we have 2 types of material stands, namely an ordinary material stand and a roller stand. You can use a material stand in combination with a wire basket or a euro bin.You can use a roller stand to support the processing of long material or when loading long objects over which you can easily move the goods. Just like the material stand, it is adjustable in height.


Relieve your back during sitting and standing work!

By using a material stand you are working ergonomically. The stand is infinitely adjustable in height and inclination and can be locked by means of a hand winch. You can prevent back problems by adjusting the material stand correctly.


Buy a material stand? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy a material stand in order to do your work optimally? At Kruizinga we have various versions of material stands, such as material stands on which you can transport wire baskets or euro containers, or a roller stand for elongated objects. Do you want to know which option best suits you and your work? Our specialists will gladly assist you. You can easily contact them through our contact page. At Kruizinga you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.



What is a material standard?

A material standard is a standard for, among other things, steel bins, wire baskets or plastic bins. The stands are mobile and adjustable in height. Very convenient if, for example, you do work where you continuously use small material.

Is it also possible to rent material stands?

At Kruizinga you can rent various products, at the moment it is not possible to rent material stands from us. Are you curious about which products you can rent from Kruizinga? Then take a look at our rental page.

Does Kruizinga also have used material stands?

Currently, Kruizinga does not yet have any used material stands for sale. This can change daily because our used range is supplemented daily with new products. Are you curious about the benefits of being used? Then take a look at our general used page.