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Buy high quality rolling scaffolds at Kruizinga!

Looking for a rolling scaffold? Then you have come to the right place at Kruizinga. For example, when you have jobs like painting the inside or outside of the house, a rolling scaffold is the right tool. At Kruizinga we sell indoor rolling scaffolds, also called room scaffolds, but also outdoor rolling scaffolds.


Would you like to know more about our range of rolling scaffolds? Then read on below.

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The different types

At Kruizinga we have different types of rolling scaffolds in our assortment in various heights. In addition, our scaffolds in the range of rolling scaffolds are of the brand Altrex. But we also have Altrex room scaffolding in our assortment. The different versions are briefly explained below.


Chamber scaffolding

A room scaffold is a specific type of rolling scaffold which is used to work at great heights within a building or space. Think of office buildings, homes or stores. Chamber scaffolds are often more compact and smaller than normal rolling scaffolds. This makes it easier to pass through doors or narrow spaces.


Rapid aluminium scaffolding

These are mobile scaffolds made of aluminum and specially designed to be erected or dismantled easily and quickly. This type is often lightweight which makes them easy to transport. This allows you to transport them quickly and easily to different locations.


What are the advantages?

A rolling scaffold has several advantages. These include:


- Rolling scaffolds have wheels, making them easy to move to different locations.
- Adjustable height: Rolling scaffolds can be adjusted to different heights.
- Efficient: By working with a rolling scaffold, you can easily reach high heights without having to climb or balance on stairs or ladders. This saves you time and makes it easier to work.
- Safety: Rolling scaffolds are made to work safely at heights.


EN1004 standard and TÜV certified

EN1004 is a European standard that sets minimum requirements for mobile scaffolding used for construction and maintenance applications. The standard includes requirements for durability, movability, security, locking and stability, among others. In addition, the EN1004 standard also includes guidelines for the construction and installation of mobile scaffolding.


When a mobile scaffold is TÜV certified, it has demonstrated that it meets certain quality and safety requirements.


Want to buy mobile scaffolding? Buy easily at Kruizinga!

Do you want to buy a mobile scaffold but still have questions? Our specialists are ready for you, contact them easily. By buying a rolling scaffold at Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


What is a mobile scaffold?

A mobile scaffold is a type of ladder used to reach great heights. Think of carrying out repairs or maintenance on buildings. Rolling scaffolds are useful when you need to work safely at great heights.

Can I rent a mobile scaffold?

At the moment, it is not yet possible to rent a mobile scaffold at Kruizinga. Would you like to know what you can rent at Kruizinga? Take a look at our rental page.

Where are mobile scaffolds most commonly used?

Rolling scaffolds are mostly used by painters, plasterers and other construction specialists.

Does Kruizinga have any other products for going to height?

Besides rolling scaffolds, Kruizinga also has other products which can be used for working at height. For example: stairs, step stools and ladders.