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Stairs, ladders and scaffolding. You can find them all at Kruizinga.

Looking for stairs, ladders or scaffolding? In our assortment you will find single ladders, double ladders, reform ladders, 3-section ladders, rolling scaffolds, step stools, telescopic and folding ladders. Depending on the desired working height and quality requirements, there is a suitable ladder for every type of user.


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The different types of ladders

Stairs and ladders come in many shapes and sizes. You come across them a lot in outdoor environments that require working at height. There are simple straight ladders, extendable ladders or folding ladders. Whatever type of ladder you are looking for, you can find it with us. See the selection guide for the various types of ladders. Below is a brief explanation of the different types you can find in our range of climbing equipment.



There are various types of ladders in the Kruizinga range. These include: single ladders, push-up ladders, reform ladders, telescopic ladders and folding ladders. View the entire range of ladders on our ladder page!


Step stool

If you regularly encounter the problem that you just can't reach something, a step stool is a solution. Those one or two steps of the step stool can make your work easier, without having to use a ladder or large staircase. The plastic stools are wheeled and therefore easy to move, but when you stand on the stool, the wheels automatically collapse for assured stability.


Rolling scaffolds

Kruizinga's scaffolding allows you to do both indoor and outdoor jobs. The scaffolds are easy to erect and dismantle, making them suitable for both professional and home use. With a scaffold, you have a solid foundation for large jobs. If you want to move the rolling scaffold easily, you can choose to purchase a scaffold with wheels.



Besides ladders, Kruizinga also has various types of stairs in its assortment. For example: platform stairs and industrial stairs. With stairs you can easily reach heights without having to place them against something. Curious about our range of stairs? Take a quick look at our stairs page.


Buy your climbing equipment at Kruizinga

Kruizinga offers a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. Do you have a specific question about a type of climbing equipment? Then feel free to contact our specialists. They will be happy to help you choose the best quality stairs or other climbing equipment. By purchasing stairs or ladders at Kruizinga, you are assured of a quality product.


Does Kruizinga also have accessories for sale for various climbing equipment?

When using a ladder during long-term jobs, it can be useful to use aids that make the job safer and easier. For example, in our range you will find a storage tray that you can attach to the ladder. This allows you to have all your tools at hand and makes going up and down the ladder a thing of the past. Do you want to make sure the ladder does not slip? With a ladder mat, this is a thing of the past. The mat provides stability and when used indoors, it protects the surface from damage.