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Different types of stairs for every job at Kruizinga!

At Kruizinga we sell different types of stairs. You can think of household stairs, but also industrial stairs. Stairs can ensure that you or your employees can do their job well or faster.


Kruizinga's range includes aluminum platform stairs, shelf stairs and plateau stairs. The height can vary from 1 step to 5 steps to 10 steps. The stairs can have large steps and this allows you to be more stable on the stairs.

Interested in the range of stairs? Below you will find all the possibilities.

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Stairs altrex industrial stairs single-sided, 5 steps incl. platform
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Stairs altrex industrial stairs single-sided, 6 steps incl. platform
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The different types

As mentioned above, Kruizinga has several types of stairs. Below we will discuss these in more detail.


Household stairs

A household stepladder is a staircase you often encounter in different households. These are often small stairs in a compact size which can be folded when not needed.


Industrial stairs

Industrial stairs are available in many different versions and have been one of the most popular stairs for many years. It is a sturdy, one-way staircase with a comfortable platform at different working heights.


Borde stairs

A borde staircase consists of 2 or more straight tread stairs, with 1 or more platforms in between. At Kruizinga we have this type of stairs in various heights. You can move these stairs easily because of the wheels underneath.


Shelf stairs

A shelf ladder is a ladder for working near a shelf or cabinet. Our shelf ladders have 2 suspension hooks for working position. This way you stand firmly when you want to pick something from a rack. You do not have a shelf yet? No problem! We sell those too.


Want to buy stairs?

Kruizinga offers a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. Do you have a specific question about a specific staircase? Please contact our specialists. They will be happy to help you choose the best quality staircase. By buying stairs at Kruizinga, you are assured of a quality product.


Can I buy used stairs?

In our range of stairs you can also buy several used stairs. You can find this on the left side of the website under the heading article classification. You can also buy various other used products at Kruizinga. Check out our used page for this.

Does Kruizinga also have other climbing equipment for sale?

Besides stairs, Kruizinga also has other climbing equipment for sale. For example: ladders, step stools or mobile scaffolds.